Project Details

Take a closer look at the greatest projects that showcase our completely custom products with architectural detailing and unparalleled quality. These award-winning projects successfully deliver on their architects’ unique vision and demanding project requirements.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Duratherm’s history of collaboration with elite architects and clients from around the world, and of creating unique and distinctive fenestration solutions, made the choice an easy one. It was no surprise that Duratherm was called upon to play a powerful role in the rebirth of the Barnes Collection in its new location and value of architecture today."

Location: Carlisle, PA

The challenge of an elliptical courtyard building, a gracefully curved window wall, and extremely large doors, created an award-winning partnership between Duratherm and Ennead Architects.

Location: Buffalo, NY

When completed in 1894, this building was a milestone in high rise architecture. Our 1982 renovation project which replaced all 400 windows should help this National Historic Landmark endure for another 100 years.

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Our work on the visitor center of Thomas Jefferson's world famous home, was a beautiful/sustainable method of preserving our nation's history.

Location: Mercersburg, PA

Craftsmanship and design come together to create the Burgin Center for the Arts, Mercersburg College.

Location: Upstate NY

This amazing and unique architectural home was designed by UNStudio Architects of Amsterdam in 2007. It's a simple rectangular form that seemed to be floating slightly off the ground. 

Location: Cambridge, MA

This renovation of an international icon required a lot of history and 50 years of expertise and experience to match the original. The 800 Duratherm windows installed between seven and ten years ago are still performing perfectly. Every one.