In the hostile environments of oceanfront, mountain and desert locations, wood is without rivals in its durability and resistance to the elements. The thermal expansion of wood is among the lowest of all materials used in window production and manufacture. Windows as part of design, remain firm and stable when other materials fail and shift.

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Since wood windows are free from corrosion or rust and incredibly resistant to hostile weather conditions, they are easy to maintain by simply washing, or when needed, easily refurbished to their original beauty. Once the wood has been treated properly, the authentic look of the windows will last for decades.

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Energy Performance

Wood offers excellent insulation (400 times higher value than steel) and is very condensation-resistant. Because of its "breathing" nature it helps to control humidity indoors. Wood is a sound-absorbing substance and barrier as well, giving your home or building a feeling of quiet and intimacy. Today's modern wood windows, with Low-E glazing, warm-edge technology and inert gas between the panes, offer home owners superior energy efficiency.

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The initial installation of wood windows can be somewhat more expensive than other windows like aluminum, steel or fiberglass. But the initial investment is more than justified in the durability of wood, which can last twice as long or more. Non-wood windows will likely have to be replaced at least once and probably twice before the wood windows even start to show signs of wear. Once a full lifecycle accounting is made, wood always wins.

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Wood windows and doors can look both traditional and modern, but they always convey a dramatic feeling of unmistakable quality. Wood can be painted in an infinite variety of colors and finishes to get exactly what is desired. Arches, sweeping curves, circular openings, and complete customization are standard features of wood windows. The size of wood windows is restricted only by the limitation on the size of the glass.

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Sustainability Commitment Video

Our commitment to sustainability in all phases of our production, and throughout our business operations, has given us a competitive advantage with our clients. More and more architects and builders, as well as owners, are coming to understand and appreciate that working with partners who embrace modern building values greatly enhances the end product. This video is about that commitment.

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Wood: Nature's Building Material

The power of wood cannot be overstated.

And for good reason. It is renewable. It is sustainable. It is beautiful to our eyes. It is strong. It is versatile. It can be crafted into innumerable and infinitely useful things. It feels good when we touch it. It smells good. A musical instrument crafted from wood has the richest tones, the greatest range. There is nothing like wood.

Within reason (and among reasonable people), wood is an inexhaustible resource that renews itself and would prolifically cover most of the earth if we let it. Wood is fertile and virile. It grows quickly and is highly useful and functional throughout every stage: young wood is pliable, mature wood is strong, and old wood is the most beautiful of all. It comes in an almost infinite variety of colors, grains and sizes. It is easy to work with: all you need is a sharp saw and some other easily acquired tools and you can really build just about anything. In the hands of a true craftsman wood becomes a work of art. Everyone loves wood. What other construction material can say that? Imagine. Everyone loves wood.

Truer words were never spoken. The richness of wood gives our homes' interiors a feeling of comfort and joy. The beauty of wood makes our exteriors all but invulnerable to the elements (with proper maintenance). The feel of wood furniture has been a family tradition since the beginning of time. Banisters, staircases, floors, beams, chairs, cabinets, desks…wood is everywhere in, around, and throughout our lives. No one ever gets tired of it. Even today in architectural magazines those powerful pictures of woodcraft make the reader slow down and relish every curve, every texture. The way light and wood interact is the supreme blending of nature’s power and beauty. Wood, blended with other materials, makes them more beautiful and useful. Wood and stone. Wood and metal. Wood and glass. Wood enhances everything. But no matter what you do, nothing makes wood more beautiful because, in and of itself, it is perfection unveiled. It’s hard to improve on perfection. But with the proper craftsmanship, the very best of wood’s nature and beauty can be revealed.

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